p a g e: ᴠᴀᴄᴀɴᴄᴇ
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  • Family/relationships/biases/otp/network page theme.
  • Images are 550px in width.
  • Horizontal scroll.
  • 2 custom links for each member.
  • You can freely adjust the number of members you want.
  • Homepage background is 1366px in width; optimized for 1366 x 768 screen resolutions only.
  • Notes are included in the code itself for reference.

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i think my neighbourhood deserves a sitcom because there’s

  • me, the teen blogger
  • a house with 8 nuns
  • a drug dealer who drives a hummer
  • a scottish man who only ever wears a kilt and mows his lawn at 3 am
  • an elderly couple who drive everywhere on their lawn mower
  • a peacock who has been roaming the neighbourhood for years and no one knows why or where it came from 

I’d watch the shit outta that show